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45-47 Mcnamara Street, Orange NSW, 2800


Professional recording studio



Your music, captured in our acoustically designed rooms, with quality mics and great recording gear.


Your music, blended and balanced by the ears of our experienced audio engineer, extracting it's greatest potential


Your music, professionally polished and optimised to stand up in todays competitive commercial market.


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About the Dotted Eight Studio

The best part of my job.. Watching the faces of Artists listening back to their songs after being mixed to sound professional! it's like a dream you never thought could actually come true, But it can! 

My name is Craig Honeysett. I'm the owner and operator of the studio. I've been involved in music for most of my life, I was a drummer of a punk band when I was growing up, this inspired me to know more about music. I studied for a degree in music when I left school, and fell in love with recording. I then spent a couple of years in Brisbane studying for a degree in Audio Engineering, and ever since, I've been recording bands and making great songs sound unreal! I love working with Artists like yourself to take a vision and make that a reality, it's a pretty great opportunity.

The Studio here at Dotted Eight is acoustically designed and constructed from the ground up so that your music sounds the best it can right from the start. The live room and the control room sound both balanced and spacious.. it's a pretty awesome combination.