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Audio Recording & Production

Bring Your Music

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Making It Happen

Step 1: We'll chat about your music, discover your goals and how we can achieve them.

Step 2: I'll put together a detailed proposal outlining everything involved in achieving the goal

Step 3: We work towards your goal, recording, mixing or mastering your new music

Step 4: Your goal is achieved! You release your incredible new music to the world

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Kane Strangwidge


Craig is absolute class to work with. Ultra-professional, knowledgeable, experienced, with a wealth of ideas, He has a calming and inspiring demeanour that relaxes and brings out the best from those privileged to use his studio. As an engineer and producer Craig has taken any song we have brought to him and taken them to a new dimension and produced international quality tracks! Highly Recommended

What Are Artists Saying About The Studio?


Emerson Miller


I had written a song with the hopes of releasing it and I was blown away by the quality! Craig is so knowledgeable & professional and produced the exact sound I had in mind. If you need a song recorded and produced I definetly recommend this recording studio!!


Darren Smith


Craig was fantastic to deal with at Dotted Eight Studio. He spent so much time explaining the Mastering and distribution process to me. I really appreciated his help. He brought my recordings to life with his good ear and skills. Thank you so much.


Our Work

Our Work

Studio Portfolio

Some Of The Sounds I've Achieved With Other Artists

The best part of my job? The look on the face of an Artist hearing their song brought to life!

My name is Craig Honeysett. I'm the owner and operator of the studio. When I'm not behind the mixing console I'm at home with my gorgeous wife and three daughters!


I've been involved in music for most of my life, I was the drummer of a punk band growing up, charged to take on the world. I studied for a degree in music when I left school, and fell in love with recording.  I then spent couple of years in Brisbane studying for a degree in Audio Engineering. 


I now spend each day working with bands and artists like yourself, making great songs sound incredible! , it's a pretty amazing opportunity.

The Studio here at Dotted Eight is acoustically designed and constructed from the ground up so that your music sounds the best it can right from the start. The live room and the control room sound both balanced and spacious.. It's a pretty awesome combination.​ Take the virtual tour!

Meet Craig From the Dotted Eight Studio

About Us

The Process Starts By Talking About Your Music!

We'll make it easy

Let me know how I can contact you, so we can chat 


Because the goals for your music are unique to you and your sound.

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