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Welcome to Dotted Eight Studio, where podcasting becomes effortless for your business. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we specialise in professional podcast production that helps businesses connect with their audience on a deeper level. We understand the power of podcasting and how it can benefit your business in numerous ways.

Why Podcasting?

Business podcasts offer several key benefits for organisations. Here are some of the main advantages:

Building Thought Leadership: A business podcast provides a platform for showcasing your expertise and knowledge in your industry. By sharing valuable insights, discussing trends, and offering expert advice, you position yourself and your business as a thought leader. This can enhance your reputation, attract a loyal audience, and open doors to new opportunities.

Establishing Trust and Credibility: Podcasting allows you to have authentic and unfiltered conversations with your audience. By consistently delivering valuable content, you build trust and credibility over time. Listeners feel a personal connection with hosts, which can lead to increased brand trust and customer loyalty.

Expanding Reach and Audience: Podcasts have a wide reach and can attract an audience beyond your existing customer base. As listeners subscribe and share your episodes, your podcast gains visibility, allowing you to connect with new potential customers, partners, and industry influencers.


Increasing Brand Awareness: By consistently publishing podcast episodes, you create brand awareness and maintain top-of-mind presence with your target audience. As listeners engage with your content regularly, they become more familiar with your brand, products, and services.


Driving Traffic and Generating Leads: Promoting your business through a podcast can drive traffic to your website, social media channels, and other digital assets. Each episode becomes an opportunity to share relevant links, call-to-actions, and lead generation strategies, helping you expand your customer base and nurture leads.


Enhancing Customer Engagement: Podcasts provide a unique medium for engaging with your audience. Listeners can leave comments, send feedback, or ask questions, fostering a sense of community and allowing you to better understand your customers' needs and preferences.


Re-purposing Content: A podcast can serve as a rich source of content that can be repurposed across various platforms. Transcripts, quotes, and key takeaways from episodes can be transformed into blog posts, social media snippets, infographics, or email newsletters, extending the lifespan and reach of your content.


Networking and Collaboration: Podcasting often involves inviting guests from your industry to share their expertise. This creates opportunities for networking, building relationships, and collaborating with influential individuals and businesses. Collaborative episodes can also expose your podcast to a wider audience through cross-promotion.


Staying Ahead of the Curve: Hosting a podcast requires staying up to date with industry trends, news, and innovations. This commitment to ongoing learning and research helps you stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that you are well-informed and can provide the latest insights to your audience.


Differentiation and Competitive Advantage: In many industries, podcasts are still relatively underutilised by businesses. By launching a podcast, you can differentiate yourself from competitors, establishing your brand as innovative, forward-thinking, and committed to delivering valuable content in an engaging format.


Overall, a business podcast can be a powerful tool for establishing thought leadership, building trust, expanding your audience, and driving business growth. It allows you to connect with your target market on a deeper level, positioning your brand as a trusted authority in your industry.

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What We Offer

At Dotted Eight Studio, we offer a comprehensive "done for you" podcast service tailored to your business needs. Our services include:

1. Recording: You (and maybe a colleague) come to our state-of-the-art studio where we handle all the recording and editing. Simply share a 30-minute conversation about your products, services, industry insights, or the core values you offer as a business.

​2. Editing: Our experienced engineers will edit your recorded conversation, ensuring that only the most valuable content remains. We remove filler words (like er's and um's), as well as tangents, or any irrelevant discussions, delivering your audience a concise and consumable podcast.


3. Enhanced Sound Quality: Using professional-grade equipment and our expertise, we make sure your podcast sounds exceptional. We add EQ, compression, and tag your unique intro and outro to create a polished and professional listening experience.


4. Video Recording: Take your podcast to the next level by incorporating video. Our high-quality cameras and professional lighting enable us to film your podcast conversation, further building trust by giving your audience a visual representation of your expertise.


Additional Services: We offer various additional services to maximise the effectiveness of your podcast, including selecting and adding appropriate intro/outro music, creating custom artwork for podcast covers (that aligns with your brand), providing templates to help you plan your podcast outline, and taking care of the podcast hosting and distribution.

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The Studio

Our studio is designed to capture incredible sounding audio and provide a comfortable and distraction-free environment, and has been in operation here in Orange for over 10 years. Working with voice recordings for companies such as Dreamworks, Netflix, and Google. Here's what sets our studio apart:

  • Purpose-built studio with professional broadcast microphones specifically designed for capturing the human voice.

  • Acoustic treatment that eliminates echo and creates a pristine sound.

  • Complete soundproofing to ensure a distraction-free recording environment.

  • Conveniently located in the CBD for easy accessibility.

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Leverage Video Podcasts

Want to amplify your podcast's reach and engagement? Consider our optional video recording services. Here's why video podcasts can benefit your business:

  1. Wider Audience Reach: By having a video presence on platforms like YouTube, you can reach a broader audience and become a valuable resource for people searching for answers related to your industry.

  2. Content Re-purposing: Long-form video content can be repurposed into shorter snippets for social media, enabling you to maintain an active online presence and engage your audience regularly. Perfect for instagram reels or stories.


Building Trust and Authority: Video podcasts showcase your expertise, fostering deeper trust with your audience and positioning you as an active leader in your industry. Your audience will feel like they know you

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Why  Dotted  Eight?

We understand that regardless of how good the idea of a business podcast is, the technical aspects of podcasting can be daunting and time-consuming, and quite frankly.. a turnoff. At Dotted Eight, we take care of all the heavy lifting, including:

  • Providing all the necessary equipment, space, and expertise you need to record your podcast.

  • Handling the entire editing process, ensuring that your podcast is concise, clear, and impactful.

  • Applying mixing and mastering techniques to deliver professional-quality audio.

  • Set up and film quality footage of your conversation, taking care of lighting, aesthetics, and video composition.

  • Creating custom podcast artwork and adding intro/outro music to enhance your branding.

  • Assisting with podcast hosting and distribution to ensure a seamless experience for your audience.

All you need to do is what you're already good at, arrive with your knowledge and expertise, and chat about that knowledge for half an hour.

With Dotted Eight, It's a 'done for you' marketing solution.

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Turnaround Time

At Dotted Eight, we value your time and your brand. That's why consistent delivery is important to us, our commitment to you includes:

  • Timely and consistent turnarounds, ensuring that your podcast episodes are ready to release each week, never late.

  • A prepared studio upon your arrival, minimising downtime and allowing you to immediately return to your core business activities. The ones that make your business tick.

  • The option to record multiple episodes in a single session, freeing up your schedule while maintaining a consistent release schedule.

You're in control of your schedule as a podcast, The norm is a weekly episode, however you can choose to do fortnightly or even monthly, as long as your listeners can form a habit around plugging in to your new episodes.

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We offer three different pricing packages to suit your needs:

Audio Only:

Includes recording, editing, and delivery of polished audio podcast episodes.


Audio + Video:

Includes video recording services in addition to audio podcast production.


Complete Podcast:

Offers a comprehensive package including audio and video production, branding, additional content creation, and podcast hosting.

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$220​ - per episode

$550 - per episode

$660 - per episode

Our pricing is structured on a monthly basis, and we offer different contract lengths to accommodate your preferences and goals, anywhere from 3 months, to 12 months.

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Don't just take our word for it—here's what our satisfied clients have to say about our podcast services:

"I've been podcasting with Dotted Eight for two years now, and the results have been outstanding. I've grown my YouTube subscribers from 0 to 820, and my email list has over 400 engaged followers who trust me in the music space, and regularly purchase my products."

- From Musician To Artist

As an example of quality

I've Linked is a Full Episode for YouTube ⬇️

and a re-purposed short video for instagram ➡️

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Let's Make a Podcast

If you're ready to grow your customer base, and provide a deeper connection with each and every one of them, Contact us today to schedule an obligation free studio tour, discuss your requirements, and explore the opportunities podcasting can provide.

Don't let your competitors beat you to becoming the local authority in your industry. Schedule a studio tour and let us help you leverage the power of podcasting to connect with your target audience effectively.

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