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The Reason I Record

Recording.. Putting a microphone in a room to capture and translate the intriget vibrations travelling through the air. Then a console of either circuits or digital numbers blends these vibrations together to make one complex vibration, that is then sent back to into the air to move our ears so that our brain can make a decsion on whether we like what we hear or not. Often we don't even get a chance to decide because that movement of air makes us feel something long before we can analyse it. Thats why I love capturing music, music does something to me. But moreover, watching the vibration of air that I have moulded and manipulated both move and excite the artist who originally created it back in that room... THATS the reason I record.

Well there you have it, that is about as deep as I will probably manage during my series of blogs on Audio and Recording. I am an Audio Engineer and Producer working out of professional studio in Orange NSW 'Dotted Eight Studio'

I want to share a series of blogs about things I'm learning as I dive deeper into producing and engineering professional audio. I'll share some of the mistakes and misconceptions I've encountered along the way, so you can avoid them, as well as talking about some tips, and tricks to getting better sounding recordings.

I have some video content lined up as well, deconstructing mixes i've done, talking about how I have achieve certain sounds, and just generally interesting stuff I'm doing in the studio.

Hope you can be apart of this journey with me, I would love to be able to help people out with audio, or just generally interest you with my day to day life as a professional audio engineer.

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